SEVENTEEN Members Were Made To Choose Between 5-Year Old Hoshi And 5 Hoshis

Wonwoo’s answer may surprise you!

A common question fans like to ask idols is whether they’d prefer to live with a 5-year old version of a certain member, or 5 of them. In SEVENTEEN‘s case, many of them get asked if they’d prefer 5-year old Hoshi or 5 Hoshis!

| Pledis Entertainment  

With Hoshi being arguably one of the most chaotic members of the group, the question obviously yielded some funny answers.

1. Mingyu

When Mingyu was asked the question, he didn’t even need time to think about it. He did not hesitate at all when he gave his straightforward answer: “I can’t deal with 5 Hoshi!”

2. DK

However, unlike Mingyu, when DK was asked the question during a live stream, he really had to sit and think about it.

Finally, he also settled on living with a 5-year old Hoshi and gave the exact same reasoning: “I can’t handle 5 Hoshi.”

3. Woozi

Woozi thought about it for a little bit, then ultimately settled on the most honest answer he could possibly give: “I just want to live alone.”

He then went on to explain to fans, probably asking for an explanation, that Hoshi can’t be ignored.

4. Wonwoo

The most optimistic answer, however, had to be Wonwoo‘s answer. During an online fan-sign event, a Carat asked him who he was the closest to out of SEVENTEEN’s 96 line, and when he answered with Hoshi, the fan then asked him the “5 year old or 5 question.”

In a twist of events, he nonchalantly said he’d be okay with both!

5. S.Coups

Finally, leader S.Coups also picked both, but his reasoning was much different from Wonwoo’s: “It’ll be tiring either way.”

Well, it’s good to know that at least one of them would be happy to have 5 Hoshis!