Just 50+ Photos Appreciating SEVENTEEN’s Members’ Hard-Earned Muscles

Respectfully looking 👀

SEVENTEEN‘s members have grown up so much in the nearly 7 years that they’ve been together, going from cutesy flower boy concepts to more mature and elegant styles. They’ve really proved that they can pull off pretty much any musical style or concept, and that hasn’t changed! One noticeable change that has happened, though, is that many of the members have visibly bulked up as they’ve gotten older, and Carats definitely aren’t complaining. Here’s a look at 50+ images appreciating SEVENTEEN’s members’ hard-earned muscles!

1. S.Coups

The leader of SEVENTEEN has always had broad shoulders, and with his thick, well-defined arms, he looks every bit the powerful and dependable leader that he is.

2. Jeonghan

Jeonghan is on the more slender side compared to other members of SEVENTEEN, but he still has well-defined and toned muscles that deserve recognition!

3. Joshua

Joshua has had a huge transformation during his time as an idol, going from thin and cute to muscular and ruggedly handsome!



4. Jun

Between Jun’s height and his toned body (especially his arms), how could anyone resist such a gorgeous guy?

5. Hoshi

Hoshi will always have an adorable side that fans know him for, but Carats can also never forget that he’s totally ripped under his clothes!

6. Wonwoo

Wonwoo has made arguably one of the biggest transformations among the members in recent years, and has worked hard to have an incredible glow-up in terms of his musculature.

7. Woozi

Woozi has been praised by strong man Wonho himself for having an insanely strong physique, and from what we’ve been able to see, we can definitely see why!


8. DK

DK is incredibly well-proportioned as a whole, with thick, strong-looking arms as well as powerful legs that leave Carats swooning!

9. Mingyu

SEVENTEEN’s giant Mingyu is far from a beanpole with his muscular build, which only heighten his already gorgeous visuals!


10. The8

The8 has a dancer’s body through and through, with slim but very well-toned muscles that make him appear so elegant and fluid when he performs.


11. Seungkwan

Seungkwan has spoken up about his struggles with his weight in the past, and while it’s a treat to see him toned from working out (those thighs!), we just want him to be healthy and happy with himself, whatever that means for him!

12. Vernon

Vernon is already a sight for sore eyes just based on his natural visuals alone, and his handsomeness is only strengthened by his toned arms and legs!

13. Dino

And finally, SEVENTEEN’s maknae Dino could fool anyone into thinking he’s older, just based on how well-built he is!


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