SEVENTEEN Members Reveal Their Favorite Episodes Of “GOING SEVENTEEN 2020”

Which episode is your favorite?

SEVENTEEN‘s Show SEVENTEEN has been nothing but a huge success as it collected 100 million views in total with all episodes combined! In appreciation of all the love the show has received, SEVENTEEN held a live stream where favorite episodes of the members were featured. After the live stream, it was revealed which members picked what episode.

Here is each member’s favorite episode:

1. Vernon—”Insomnia-Zero”

The fact that it was just full of non sense/ random adlibs made it really funny.

—  Vernon

| @pledis_17/Twitter

Vernon | @pledis_17/Twitter

2. Jeonghan—”CARNIVAL”

The content one initially thought would be amazing turned out to be not so amazing but it’s amazing because everyone was trying so hard to make that no so fun content fun, and the fact that everyone tried their hardest to save it was memorable to me.

— Jeonghan

| @pledis_17/Twitter

Jeonghan | @pledis_17/Twitter

3. Jun—”Christmas in August”

It was nice to sit down and have fun playing games.

— Jun

| @pledis_17/Twitter

Jun | @pledis_17/Twitter

4. Hoshi—”Bungee Jump”

I’d love to do bungee jumping again.

— Hoshi

| @pledis_17/Twitter

Hoshi | @pledis_17/Twitter

5. The8—”The Tag”

I enjoyed doing the horror special so much~ also, in the future I hope we can do even scarier content~

— The8

| @pledis_17/Twitter

The8 | @pledis_17/Twitter

6. Mingyu—”Four Wheeled Rider”

A big scale and hectic SEVENTEEN that managed to fill it out.. ^.^

— Mingyu

| @pledis_17/Twitter

Mingyu | @pledis_17/Twitter

7. DK—”Four Wheeled Rider”

Seriously! I had so much fun shooting it and it was fun to do a real life version of ‘Kartrider.’ I think it’d be great if we can do it again in summer!

— DK

| @pledis_17/Twitter

DK | @pledis_17/Twitter


Normally, on other episodes, viewers get to see SEVENTEEN members’ chemistry, on this episode you can see the staff and SEVENTEEN’s chemistry so I think it was good.

— Joshua

| @pledis_17/Twitter

Joshua | @pledis_17/Twitter


I felt like it was fresh content to the viewers and us too (the members) and I made a good memory from it.

— Dino

| @pledis_17/Twitter

Dino | @pledis_17/Twitter

10. Seungkwan—”GOING VS SEVENTEEN”

My competitiveness that was long buried was awakened. Our chemistry with the staffs was also captured well.

— Seungkwan

| @pledis_17/Twitter

Seungkwan | @pledis_17/Twitter

11. Woozi—”BAD CLUE”

It was fun when we were shooting and the end result (the content itself) was fun too!!

— Woozi

| @pledis_17/Twitter

Woozi | @pledis_17/Twitter

12. Wonwoo—”BAD CLUE”

It was an episode that shined because of the unpredictable storyline and the members’ level of focuse.

— Wonwoo

| @pledis_17/Twitter

Wonwoo | @pledis_17/Twitter

13. S.Coups—”BAD CLUE”

In real life I like mistery novels so I’d love to do this again in a bigger scale. The best!

— S.Coups

| @pledis_17/Twitter

S.Coups | @pledis_17/Twitter

Check out the whole video below: