20 Most Chaotic Moments During The North American Leg Of SEVENTEEN’s “BE THE SUN” World Tour

Their lives are a sitcom.

SEVENTEEN recently wrapped up the North American leg of their BE THE SUN world tour, and we’re here to recount 20 of the most chaotic moments that happened during their concerts. While SEVENTEEN always delivers killer performances, they also never fail to make CARATs laugh.

1. Ruthless Headbanging

There is no hierarchy in SEVENTEEN; revenge is immediately and unhesitatingly exacted.

2. Death Drop

In some parallel universe, Seungkwan is a world-famous street dancer.

3. One Of SEVENTEEN’s Biggest Betrayals

Well, at least CARATs were treated to a fantastic sight.

4. Thomas The Train

Neither SEVENTEEN nor CARATs will let Seungkwan live.

5. Freed From Quarantine

Are we surprised this is the first thing they did after finishing their quarantine?

6. Squidward

Why is The8 the one spamming Squidward memes of himself?

7. American CARATs Were Wilding

It became an unspoken rule for CARATs to bark during S.Coups‘ ments every stop after this.

8. A Real Angel

I mean, Jeonghan got surgery on his arm, not his legs, so … (still not an action condoned by doctors, we fear, but Jeonghan fears no one)

9. Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses

They got taste if they are  — Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses is a classic. Also, if you include the male lead, that’s 13 dancing characters.

10. Trying To Strip Mingyu

Do we wish DK and Seungkwan were successful? Yes. Would we have survived shirtless Mingyu? No.

11. Vernon’s Reaction Is Everything

It’s impossible to resist Jun‘s adorable and hilarious delivery of this CARAT’s compliment.

12. Jeonghan’s Emotional Support Sword

When his normal sword can’t make it through customs, Jeonghan makes sure to have a smaller backup.

13. This Iconic Dance In “CHEERS”

Everyone is obsessed with this part in “CHEERS,” so since it wasn’t on the setlist, SEVENTEEN brought the choreo into their dance breaks for “Snap Shoot.”

14. Jun In America Was Wilding

CARATs initiated the barking, but Jun had CARATs barking, meowing, and cawing.

15. BooSeokSoon

It’s always “Snap Shoot” when the most chaotic dances emerge.

16. B-Boying SEVENTEEN feat. Cameraman Mingyu

The variety gods are always watching over SEVENTEEN, even when they’re not on broadcast.

17. It’s Not A Sling, It’s Fashion

Jeonghan’s sling doubles as a purse.

18. Human Sandwich

Mingyu can never catch a break.

19. Joshua’s Derp Face Blanket

Joshua replicating the face on the blanket in real time was the icing on the cake.

20. Jeonghan And His Ducklings

For some reason, the utter silence and in-sync hammering make us all want to laugh.