Just 40+ Stunning Pictures Of Unwhitewashed SEVENTEEN To Bless Your Timeline

Unedited photos = best photos.

Whitewashing is a far too common occurrence in pictures of K-Pop idols, whether it’s in official images or fan-edited photos. With pale skin being the “standard” of beauty in South Korea, oftentimes we don’t get to see the beautiful, naturally glowing skin that so many idols have! Fortunately, there are fans and photographers out there that do release unedited photos to the public, and it’s so refreshing to see idols as they really are.

Here are 40+ breathtaking, unwhitewashed images of the members of SEVENTEEN for fans to enjoy!

1. S.Coups

2. Jeonghan

3. Joshua

4. Jun

5. Hoshi

6. Wonwoo

7. Woozi

8. DK

9. Mingyu

10. The8

11. Seungkwan

12. Vernon

13. Dino

14. More!



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