5 Times SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups Showed His Love For Carats That Will Make You Go “Aww!”

Who else would give away a concert ticket to a fan?

SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups loves his fans, known as Carats — and he has absolutely no shame in showing it. Here are 5 times he showed how truly grateful he is that will make you love him even more!

1. His Carat Bracelet

S.Coups shared pictures of his beaded bracelet that spells out ‘Carat’ on each bead, symbolizing his love and gratitude for his fans.

He’s often photographed wearing this bracelet wherever he goes.

Even on stage, he wears the bracelet.

2. His Words of Gratitude

When fans would stream SEVENTEEN’s songs so they appear on the music charts before their comeback, he would consider it as a gift and be thankful.

What’s this..a gift..? For our comeback..?

— S.Coups


We have a present for you guys on our comeback show tomorrow
So make sure you watch it from the very beginning

Is this a present for our comeback???!

Oing? What did we do??
Why are our songs charted in music charts

— S.Coups

3. His Explanation About Receiving Presents

In the beginning of 2020, Pledis Entertainment announced a rule that they will no longer be accepting gifts from fans aside from handwritten letters.

Since some fans were upset by this, S.Coups explained how the members can already feel how much their fans adore them through their loving intentions instead of their physical gifts.

4. Helping Carats with Ticketing

S.Coups once joined fans in the rush of trying to buy tickets for his own fan meeting SEVENTEEN in Carat Land.

After achieving a first-floor section D ticket, he gave it away to a lucky fan who was unable to get tickets for themselves.

5. Reassuring He’s Okay

He updated fans while he was on hiatus and told them not to worry about him too much.

He also told Carats he missed them so much and that he hopes they continue to be in good health!