10 Times That SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups Proved He’s Total Husband… Er, Boyfriend Material

How can we even begin to scratch the surface with this amazing man?

To continue with our ongoing SEVENTEEN boyfriend material series, today we’ll look at the leader of the group himself, S.Coups! There is so much to admire about this man, from his ability to lead such a large (and sometimes chaotic!) group, to his incredible performance abilities, to his kind heart, and everything in between. Here are 10 reasons why S.Coups is absolutely boyfriend (or husband) material!

1. He’s such a sweetheart to everyone around him


2. If you say you don’t want to be held like S.Coups is holding Vernon or Seungkwan, you’re lying.

3. Food dates wouldn’t be few and far between!

4. You know you would always be able to rely on his big, strong arms 👀

5. Something about S.Coups and cars together makes him look so mature and manly.

6. Even with all of his strong, masculine charms, he’s still a cutie ❤️

7. You would get to try all kinds of new and unique experiences together!

8. He would always look at you with such focused and undivided attention.

9. His style oftentimes screams maturity and handsomeness.

10. Honestly, looking the way he does, he doesn’t even need to try to prove himself as boyfriend material!