5 Tasty Seoul Foods You NEED To Try—Thank SEVENTEEN Later

#2 might be a bit too adventurous for some.

Since SEVENTEEN hand-picked four places for visitors to see at least once in Seoul, they decided to share some of the foods that you have to try as well. Here are five Seoul specialties you’ll want to add to your travel list.

Dino, Woozi, and Joshua. | @pledis_17/Twitter

1. Tteokbokki

The first food on the list was one that was always a hit. Mingyu recommended food carts in “the back alleys of Dongdaemun” for their tasty tteokbokki. Another member gave their stamp of approval as well.

Remembering their trainee days, DK recalled eating with Jeonghan and Jun at a Dongdaemun place with “funny-looking tteokbokki” so spicy even Jun struggled to handle it.

If spice isn’t your thing, Wonwoo pointed out that places are doing new combinations like “jajang tteokbokki” and “rose tteokbokki.

2. Dakbal

There was another place Mingyu particularly enjoyed. He suggested “a tteokbokki chicken feet place in the Sindang area” that had its “own unique fragrance.

3. Rice Balls

Branching off from tteokbokki and dakbal, the members picked the side dish that’s commonly served with both of them: a hearty helping of rice balls.

Joshua explained the best way to use them. He said that many Korean restaurants mix your leftover soup or sauce with the rice balls to make a delicious stew called gamjatang.

Seungkwan gave a funny warning about eating too much of the stew, though.

You might look in the mirror the next morning and go, ‘Who am I?’ Because it’s so spicy and salty your face may get a bit puffy.

But you shouldn’t worry about that when you’re traveling. Just eat lots of delicious things.

— Seungkwan

4. Dalgona

Thanks to the popularity of Netflix‘s hit series Squid Game, Hoshi suggested the dalgona all of them used to eat in elementary school. They even gave everyone who hasn’t tried it a peek at what to expect.

Since Jeonghan asked if it was “very sweet,” Hoshi explained that it “doesn’t taste purely like sugar.” Wonwoo noted there was baking soda in it.

Vernon said there was a “burnt taste,” which Jeonghan perfectly described, “That burnt flavor tastes like coffee to me.

5. Hamburgers

For the last food you’ll want to try in Seoul, Vernon picked one of his favorites. He suggested hamburgers, best paired with a milkshake. They won’t taste anything like what you’d normally expect, though.

Although Seoul has a number of burger franchises that come from overseas, Jeonghan warned that the taste is a completely different experience in Korea.

Hamburgers in Seoul are quite tasty as well. Though there are lots of franchise burgers, they all tasted different for me when I ate them in Seoul.

— Jeonghan

Source: YouTube