10+ Relatable Reactions To SEVENTEEN’s Super Sexy Concept Photos

#8 is so true.

SEVENTEEN has recently released individual concept photos for their 9th Mini Album Attacca and they’re taking the internet by storm! Check out some fan reactions below that sum up how we all feel looking at these boyfriend material photos.

1. DK’s jawline should come with a warning.

2. Vernon served young Leo vibes in his (lack of) pajamas.

3. Even Dino’s freckles are flawless.

4. S.Coups is the definition of dreamy!

5. When Wonwoo shows his collarbones, it’s every Carat for themselves!

6. So this is why Seungkwan is posed like this!

7. The8’s charismatic glare could probably cut through glass…and your soul.

8. When Mingyu is the innocent one, you know things are wild.

9. Joshua: 1. Carats: 0.

10. Honestly, it all worked out.

11. Woozi is all of us.

12. All of these boys came to slay!