7 Times SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo Switched From Idol To Actor And Impressed Everyone With His Acting Skills

Carats would love to see actor Wonwoo!

Wonwoo is known as the smart, quiet, talented rapper of SEVENTEEN and, on several occasions, has proven his impressive skills in acting. Wonwoo was even once voted as the member who most looked like an idol actor!

Here 7 times Wonwoo showed off his impressive acting skills

1. Carats definitely remember this moment!

On an episode of Star Show 360, Wonwoo was voted as one of the members who most looked like they would become an acting idol! To prove it, Wonwoo did an intense improvisation scene with former I.O.I member Sohye. Wonwoo’s task was to play a bad boy who didn’t find anything wrong with dating several women. Sohye’s part was to make a fuss and confront him. Wonwoo’s acting gave everyone chills!

2. On “One Fine Day,” Wonwoo showed off his talent in acting

With his fellow members instructing him on what to say and do, Wonwoo perfectly executed acting out all their orders! Even his members were impressed by Wonwoo’s acting.

3. This is legendary!

During an episode of Weekly Idol, Wonwoo had to act out several emotions and he nailed all of them! Not only did Wonwoo shock his members again, but the show’s MCs (at the time of the episode) Doni and Coni as well!

4. Baby Wonwoo

During an episode of GOING SEVENTEEN, Seungkwan and Wonwoo were discussed and mimicked how babies cry. While Seungkwan gave a great performance, Wonwoo mentioned he was missing the detail of a lip bite. After Wonwoo gave his interpretation of a baby crying, the members agreed it was accurate!

5. When is Wonwoo going to start starring in K-Dramas?!

If you saw SEVENTEEN’s Real Man parody series then you remember how amazing all of the member’s acting was!

6. We can’t forget about Wonwoo in their “Mansae” MV

Every Carat (SEVENTEEN’s fans) wanted to be the lucky girl in their hit “Mansae” MV. Wonwoo exploded with charm with this romantic acting and melted all our hearts.

7. Why are they so good?!

Wonwoo partnered up with Jeonghan to reenact this cute scene from a Japanese drama and it was perfect!