10 Times That SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo Proved He’s Total Boyfriend Material

The list could be endless!

SEVENTEEN is a group full of talented, sweet, handsome guys that could all have a list made of their boyfriend material moments. Today’s focus, however, will be on Wonwoo, the soft-spoken and book-loving rapper who has been making fans swoon over his recent bulking up! Here are 10 times that he has definitely proven that he’s total boyfriend material.

1. You would be blessed with his gorgeous bare-faced visuals during vidao calls!

2. Doesn’t this just look like the coziest place to be?

3. Going on road trips with this cutie would be such a great time!

4. He just looks so effortlessly handsome and athletic in casual outfits.

5. Who’s cuter, the puppy or Wonwoo?

6. If he’s willing to do this for his friends, imagine what he would do for the person he cares about most!

7. When he does dress up, he looks like a model boyfriend.

8. Shopping trips together would never be boring.

9. You might need to get used to being on this side of a camera lens regularly!

10. Honestly, where is the lie?