30+ Sexiest Outfits BTS’s Jin Wore That Live in ARMY’s Minds Rent-Free

Which era do you think is his sexiest?

While BTS‘s Jin literally has the physique of a god or a superhero…


He is actually quite shy when it comes to wearing revealing clothing!

Jin at Festa | BIGHIT MUSIC

So, you rarely see him in outfits that bare skin. Yet, with his proportions, he makes even modest suits sexy AF!

| Samsung

And the stylists hear our prayers and often select outfits that highlight his assets. Thus, here are 30+ of the sexiest outfits that Jin has ever worn that we still can’t get over…

1. Love Yourself: Tear concept

We need Jin in more crop-tops, please!


2. 5th Muster Magic Shop Fanmeeting

He is truly a prince.

3. 2018 Festa

The infamous see-through top caused Jin to get flustered, but ARMYs loved it!

4. “Dope” era

If Jin were our doctor, we would never eat apples.


5. 2015 Inkigayo mini fanmeeting

He is so handsome it’s absolutely criminal!

6. “Mood for Love: Blossom” concept

Few men can rock a “short” suit, but Jin sure can.

7. Weverse Magazine’s Proof release interview

The stylist of this photoshoot deserves a raise.

8. No More Dream era

This era gave us Jin in many sleeveless shirts, and for that, we are forever grateful.

9. The tattoo reveal

Of course, shirtless is fine too.

| @jin/Instagram

10. 2017 SBS Gayo Daejun

No one rocks a sparkly outfit like Worldwide Handsome!

11. “Blood Sweat & Tears” era

There are many iconic fits from this era, but this might be our favorite…

12. Run era

We’re a big fan of the Run choreography already but Jin dancing it in this specific fit is a 10/10.

13. 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards

A suit might be average for some, but it never is on Jin. He makes a simple black tie ooze sexiness.

14. 2021 Season’s Greetings

This shoot has two very sexy outfits due to their low neckline paired with scarves.

15. 2019 Love Yourself concert in Japan

The combination of the loose outfit with the rain makes it even hotter.

16. Naver x Dispatch at the 2019 BBMAs

Leopard print, leather pants, and red shoes? Jin did that!

17. Wings concept

Jin truly appeared to be straight out of a fairytale.

18. Dark & Wild concept

What can we say? We have a thing for edgy bad boys.


19. “Fake Love” era

Many outfits from this era featured a harness, which makes the outfit 100% sexier, but the all-black fit with this hairstyle reigns supreme.

20. 2018 M Countdown

This harness-like suspender highlights two of his most striking features: shoulders and waist!

21. 2018 Asian Artist Awards

It’s the deep V-cut with the choker for us!

22. 2018 Love Yourself concert in Singapore

Bless the choreographer and stylist because…

23. 2018 Love Yourself concert in Amsterdam

We got two iconic pics!

24. 2017 Show! Music Core “Not Today” Stage

Black silk, leather pants, and a dog-collar choker. RIP, Jin stans.

25. “Danger” era

The sleeveless red jacket is an underrated Jin look.

26. 2020 M Countdown Comeback Special

“ON” was another iconic era due to the sleeveless V-neck!

27. 2014 Music Bank in Mexico

Jin rocks not only black but white too.

28. Weverse Magazine BE comeback

The cardigan with chain radiates boyfriend vibes!

29. 2019 Love Yourself: Speak Yourself final in Seoul

Again, Jin rocks the choker, but the slits in the silky shirt also add extra sexiness.

30. HYYH era

Jin is the boyfriend of our dreams in this legendary photoshoot.


31. Suite Life

You can’t go wrong with an opened silk button-up!

32. Permission to Dance MV

Controversial? Perhaps, but hear us out.

We selected the Permission to Dance MV fits for good reason…

33. “Butter” concept: “Cream” version

Arrest him for stealing our hearts!

34. “Butter” MV

The “Butter” MV has many iconic outfits, but this has to be the sexiest…



All of BTS’s “ON” stage fits were so sexy!

36. 2018 Love Yourself concert in Seoul

Harness and a see-through black shirt are a deadly combination.

You can also check out some of Jungkook’s sexist outfits below!

10 Sexiest Outfits BTS Jungkook Wore That Live in ARMY’s Minds Rent-Free