9 Photos Of Male Idols At The Gym That Got Fans All Hot And Bothered

Their time in the gym has paid off.

For some idols, the gym can be a place of refuge to blow off some steam and snap a quick selfie for their fans. These guys, whether they can’t help but show off some muscle at any given chance or find a way to squeeze fitness into most conversations, spend more time than the average person in the gym.

1. Baekho (NU’EST)

Baekho is known for his masculine aura and built physique. It’s a no-brainer that all his time in the gym has made him get to this point!

2. Jungkook (BTS)

Jungkook’s passion for fitness has earned him the nickname “muscle pig” from his fellow BTS members, and we can see why. Even after concerts, Jungkook always makes time for a gym session!

3. BM (KARD)

As the founder of the “Big Tittie Committee,” or an appointed group of male idols with built pectoral muscles, BM is an obvious choice! And lucky for us, he is no stranger to the shirtless gym selfie phenomenon.

4. Sunghak (Former BIGSTAR)

Sunghak’s Instagram account is a goldmine of mirror gym selfies. Spending much of his time pursuing fitness, his swollen muscles definitely don’t come from sitting at home!

5. Chanyeol (EXO)

Chanyeol makes lifting weights with one arm look easy. The changes in his body over the years shows all of the time he really spends in the gym!

6. Wonho (Former Monsta X)

Wonho is the epitome of ripped, from his big arms to chiseled abs. His body is crafted only by hours and hours of hard training in the gym.

7. Yoseob (Former Highlight)

There’s nothing like a morning gym selfie of Yoseob to wake you up. His toned physique is the perfect contrast to his baby face.

8. Woojin (AB6IX)

Woojin showed his gym savvy on AB6IX’s reality show BRANDNEWBOYS where he helped train fellow group member Youngmin. Woojin breezed through the hardest exercises and even raved about how fun the gym is for him!

9. Rain

It comes as no surprise to anyone that Rain’s legendary physique stems from his dedication to fitness. He’s no stranger to the gym since his days of performing “Love Song.”