Here Are 4 Similarities Between ONF’s E-Tion And SF9’s Jaeyoon You May Not Have Known


Back in May, ONF‘s E-Tion and SF9‘s Jaeyoon caught the attention of netizens after appearing on an episode of Idol School Live. Fans fell in love with their quirky personalities and even named them Pat & Mat, two characters who are known to try and solve problems.

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After the show, the two started to meet up with each other more and formed a touching friendship. The duo recently appeared in a video for ELLE KOREA, where they showcased their chemistry.

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In particular, the video looked at just how alike the two idols are. Here is a look at four similarities between E-Tion and Jaeyoon that you might not have known.


The concept of MBTI is very popular in K-Pop, and E-Tion and Jaeyoon both fall into INFP. For fans of both groups, they can see the reasons for this. They might be quieter than their other members on the surface, but their personalities are always allowed to shine, showing off different sides to them. With such similar personalities, is it any surprise that the two get on so well?

SF9’s Jaeyoon and ONF’s E-Tion | @uplusidollive/ Twitter

2. Names

Although most fans know him as E-Tion, ONF’s fashion leader’s real name is Lee Chang Yoon. Jaeyoon’s full name is Lee Jaeyoon meaning that both members share the same surname and have Yoon in the first parts of their name. Although it is common for idols to have the same last names, combined with the other similarities, it seems like fate. 


3. Age

Both E-Tion and Jaeyoon were born in 1994, making them two of the older members of their respective groups. However, E-Tion pointed out that he was initially shocked to realize this fact. He explained that because SF9 are their seniors, he thought Jaeyoon was a lot older than him. 


4. Personality

As seen in their previous interactions, ELLE KOREA pointed out that both E-Tion and Jaeyoon have clumsy personalities. Whether with each other or with their groups, the two have a playful personality that perfectly matches. Although both claimed that they weren’t clumsy, one of their tasks later in the video might have proved otherwise. However, it is just another thing that makes E-Tion and Jaeyoon so charming.