6 Random Facts About SF9’S Ultra-Handsome Rowoon That Everyone Should Know

What’s hidden behind his gorgeous face?

Rowoon is an idol that seems to be well-known for a multitude of things: His idol career, his acting career, and, of course, for being one of the most objectively handsome guys in the K-Pop industry!

The SF9 member is certainly gifted and talented in a number of ways, and deserves to be more recognized and complimented for his hard work! Here are 6 facts about Rowoon that everyone should know about.

1. His real name has a sweet meaning.

Rowoon’s real name is actually Kim Seokwoo. He was given this name by his grandfather, due to the meaning his name has: “Seok” means “tin”, and “Woo” means “to help”. His grandfather gave him this name with hope that Rowoon would be someone that would help the world. How sweet!

2. He has brains and beauty.

When Rowoon was younger, he did really well in school! In fact, his IQ was actually determined to be 130 when he was a child. However, he eventually realized that he wasn’t interested in academics, and he decided to pursue art instead. He didn’t study art for long, though, before he then moved on to focus on music after having a crush compliment his singing during karaoke!

3. His journey to be an idol wasn’t easy.

After Rowoon got into FNC Entertainment, some fans might think he had it easy due to his natural good-looks and talent. In reality, he actually trained for 6 whole years before he debuted in SF9, and during this time, he nearly quit on several occasions. Thank goodness he didn’t!

4. He gained a lot of attention for a hilarious incident.

In the video above, taken when SF9 was on their way to a music show, a couple of male fans loudly expressed their love for Rowoon and the situation went viral because of how hilarious it was. The same sort of incident happened on a number of occasions with male fans! Because of this, Rowoon became known as an idol with a huge male fanbase. And who can blame the men? He’s a great person to look up to!

5. He’s confident in his appearance.

While Rowoon does have one thing he’s spoken about himself that he wishes he could change — his very curly hair — he has a lot of confidence about his looks too! In an industry that’s constantly tearing down idols’ imperfections, it’s great to see someone speak about what they like about themselves. He’s said that he particularly likes his eyebrows, his tanned skin, the cute mole below his lip, and how he looks with black hair.

6. He’s not as quiet and conserved as he seems.

On the outside, Rowoon seems like someone that might be quiet and conserved when it comes to socializing. However, apparently this isn’t actually the case! It’s said that he’s so talkative that fans don’t need to prepare anything to say at fan sign events, because he tends to take over the conversations naturally with questions and comments!

Hopefully these facts helped you learn something new about this loveable handsome idol!

Source: Doyouram