K-Pop Workouts: Here’s What Actress Shin Ye Eun Does To Maintain Her Health And Weight

She works out A LOT.

Shin Ye Eun‘s slim frame made headlines when she once revealed through social media that she was a mere 92.5 lbs (42kg) at around 5 54″ (169cm).

“My height…!!!! Grew!!! Maybe it’s because of ballet.” | @__shinyeeun/Instagram

She has always been on the petite side, so trying to attain her exact specifications may be unrealistic. Even during her audition days, one can easily tell that she is naturally slim.

ShIn Ye Eun’s audition clip.

While genes are a huge contributing factor to her svelte figure, Shin Ye Eun also puts a lot of effort into working out to stay healthy and lean. Here’s what she does to keep fit!

1. Diet

Shin Ye Eun does not keep a strict diet regularly. In 2019, she revealed that she did go on a 3-week diet after gaining too much weight from snacking on the set of He Is Psychometric. During this period, she ate an apple for breakfast, chicken breast, sweet potato, and tomatoes for lunch, and for dinner, she had a banana, grilled mushrooms, and onions. Despite the filling meals, she did lose weight.

2. Gym

Shin Ye Eun exercises with the help of a personal trainer. Whenever she has the time, she hits the gym. Regular workouts help keep her stamina up.

| @__shinyeeun/Instagram

3. Ballet

She’s a known avid lover of ballet! She’s been doing it consistently over the years and even took a second major in modern dance during her high school days.

| @__shinyeeun/Instagram

4. Pilates

Shin Ye Eun recently started pilates. Pilates is a well-loved exercise across all idols. This is because it helps tone the muscles and give one core strength while preventing bulk.

| @__shinyeeun/Instagram

Surprisingly, the girl is actually a huge foodie who doesn’t restrict herself unless necessary to lose weight for a specific role! Looks like the key really is to exercise as much as you can.

| @__shinyeeun/Instagram


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