3 Variety Shows To Make You Fall In Love With SHINee All Over Again

Watching these shows will make you appreciate the beauty of SHINee and high definition.

SHINee has recently made a comeback after a long stretch of inactivity. In addition to the group releasing an album, and accompanying music video, the members have also been preparing a variety show, SHINee Inc. Before it airs, here are some variety shows from the past that old and new stans alike can enjoy.

1. Yunhanam

Only three months after debuting, the group participated in this variety show, where the members compete against one another. The goal is to attract the attention of an older woman, or noona, and the winning member gets the privilege to go on a date with her. There are 12 episodes to enjoy.

2. Flower Boys Generation

SHINee appeared as a group for only an episode, but the show is packed with enough entertainment to curb any disappointment about the lack of group episodes. During the various segments, the boys display their charms and offer fans a glimpse into their different personalities.

3. Hello Baby

In 2010, season 2 of Hello Baby featured the members of SHINee, who looked after a toddler named Jung Yoo Geun. The show depicts the idols struggling with the daily realities of dealing with a four-year-old, but also highlights the fun moments shared between them.

Throughout SHINee’s career, the boys have made appearances in many variety shows. Due to scheduling clashes, however, it is rare to see all of the members interacting together in such a carefree manner. These classics can always be enjoyed, though.

Check out a preview for their upcoming variety show, SHINee INc.



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