8 Of The Most Hilariously Inappropriate Shirts 4th Gen Idols Have Ever Worn

What were the stylists thinking in #3?!

In non-English speaking countries, you can sometimes find clothes featuring the craziest phrases. Whether they are wildly inappropriate or make absolutely no sense, there are all kinds funky t-shirts that eventually find their way into the world of K-Pop. When a stylist make a strange choice, idols aren’t safe from rocking a shirt with the weirdest message! Check out a few notable moments below from 4th generation idols that will make you laugh out loud.

1. Hueningkai (TXT)

You can’t have more teenage angst than a shirt that says, “F*ck you you f*cking f*ck.”

2. San (ATEEZ)

His simple shirt gets right to the point.

3. Yukyung (ALICE)

When you love pizza a little bit too much, there’s only one shirt option.

4. Sakura (LE SSERAFIM)

She walked through the airport with a shirt that read, “Do you wanna funk ?”

5. Soobin (TXT)

Soobin’s shirt lets everyone know that “sh*t happens.”

6. Uchae (NATURE)

This unique shirt could also be considered a distraction.

7. Lua (Weki Meki)

“Drink beer, save water” may seem environmentally friendly, but doesn’t make much sense!

8. Haesul (LOONA)

While not inappropriate, her shirt has a funny (yet true) message about social media.

Bonus: Jeon Somi

When a tweet went viral showcasing Somi wearing an inappropriate shirt, many fans fell for the joke without realizing it’s actually fake news: Notice how the font of each t-shirt is completely different!

Mission solved: Somi did not wear that shirt!

Check out more idols who wore crazy shirts below.

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