4 Similarities Between BTS Suga’s Feature In PSY’s “That That” And His “Daechwita” Music Video

Did you notice these similarities?

PSY and BTS‘s Suga finally dropped “That That,” and we can’t get enough of it!

PSY and BTS’s Suga | @psy_oppa/Twitter

The song delighted PSY’s fans and ARMY alike. “That That” marked PSY’s first comeback in 5 years, and he definitely made a huge impact with this comeback. Meanwhile, BTS fans were excited that Suga produced the song and was a featured artist on the track and in the song’s music video.

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Suga’s “That That” verse was plenty iconic on its own, but fans couldn’t help but notice that his appearance in the “That That” music video seemed to recall his “Daechwita” music video as Agust D. Both videos were directed by Lumpens, so fans were probably spot-on to notice similarities between the two music videos.


Here are a few similarities fans noticed between Suga in “That That” and as Agust D in “Daechwita!”

1. Pushing his hair back

Suga always looks so cool when he’s pushing his hair back while rapping! Here’s him doing it in “That That.”

Here it is in “Daechwita.”

2. Showing off his fiery rap skills

Suga always throws in a few hand gestures when he raps, but his “That That” and “Daechwita” gestures were very similar! Here it is in “That That.”

Here it is in “Daechwita.”

3. The cars

The cars in “That That” and “Daechwita” were way too similar for their resemblance to be coincidental! Both cars appear to be older Hyundai sedans. The car has blue details in “That That.”

The car from “Daechwita” has gold details.

4. Reappearance of old selves

Both “That That” and “Daechwita” depict conflicts between the artists’ current selves and their past selves.  In “That That,” Suga knocks out a past version of PSY who was wearing the suit from PSY’s hit “Gangnam Style.” When this version of PSY first appeared in the video, he also did a little bit of the “Gangnam Style” choreography.

Similarly, in “Daechwita,” Agust D killed off a blonde version of himself who seemed to represent himself from his first mixtape.

Fans theorized that both PSY and Suga/Agust D were trying to distance themselves from their old personas and enter a new era by “killing off” their past selves, and we can totally get behind that theory!