Here Are 10+ Gifs Of BTS’s Jimin Showing Off His Precious Eye Smile To Make Your Day Brighter While You’re In Quarantine

Meet Park Jimin: sexy and talented performer by night, little ball of fluff by day, especially at #8.

With all the news worldwide focusing on the recent virus outbreak, it’s easy for you to feel down and depressed.

Instead of focusing on the news and feeling helpless, why don’t you follow the government’s instructions to always wash your hands, stay at home, and boost your immune system? It’s a better use of your energy to focus on what you can control, after all.

If you’re alone at home, never fear: cute Jimin of BTS is here with his sparkling eye smile, guaranteed to make your heart flutter and your day a little bit brighter.

1. All he needs is a wand, so you can call him a “smiling fairy”

2. Where did his eyes go?

Jungkook may love teasing Jimin about his height by asking where he is, but the real question is, where do his eyes go whenever he smiles?

3. His sheepish shrug transforms this from a level 99 cuteness to a level 999

4. His hair says “I’ll make you scream”…

…while his eyes add “because of how cute my eyes are!”

5. His eye smile is universal: it’s always there, whatever the season of the year is

6. If you successfully make Jimin laugh, consider yourself set for life

7. It’s not ok for you to be incredibly sexy, too, but no one’s complaining

8. So this is what a cute anime character looks like in real life

9. “You can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread Man~”

10. Go on, spend a minute replaying this gif

You know you want to.

11. ARMYs: *clutching their chests and swooning*

12. Who knew perfect statues could move?

13. Here you can see a picture of a smol bean wearing a red beanie

14. Forget the usual drinking games

You can also play “Where are Jimin’s eyes?” and drink a shot of alcohol every time he smiles.

15. There are no words to describe the amount of UWU in this moment

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