“D*ck Move”: 10+ Of Fans’ Hottest Takes On The “Single’s Inferno 2” Finale 

“She’s too much for those men.”

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Single’s Inferno 2 has ended, and what a wild ride it was! This season took us an emotional rollercoaster, and some viewers have very strong opinions about the finale. Here are 10+ of the hottest takes on Episode 10!

1. Kim Se Jun is the greenest of green flags. Period.

2. Lee Nadine deserves so much better…

3. …and so does Park Se Jeong!

4. Choi Jong Woo gave Shin Seul Ki what Kim Jin Young didn’t.

5. This singleton won’t be single for long.

6. This wasn’t cool at all. 

7. Lee So E left Inferno with the best of both worlds: love and friendship.

8. The show’s biggest plot twist might be Kim Se Jun’s sense of humor.

9. This unnecessary “set up”

10. Shin Dong Woo didn’t know when to quit.

11. Behold, the only people more invested in Single’s Inferno 2 than we are:

Single's Inferno

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