These 12 Shocking Moments Show How Skinny K-Pop Idols Look In Real Life

You can instantly tell they’re celebrities.

It’s known that K-Pop idols face a harsh beauty standard to maintain a very low weight. However, it’s difficult to realize sometimes exactly how thin they are — until you see these “in real life” moments. Check out these idols below who are super skinny when you see them in person.


Rosé is known for her incredibly tiny waist, and it’s even more apparent here.


2. Miyeon and Soojin ((G)I-DLE)

These girls have model-like proportions.

3. Seulgi (Red Velvet)

Seulgi‘s ripped body shows her hard work.

4. Sana (TWICE)

In real life, Sana is the perfect mix of tall and dainty!


5. Minjoo (IZ*ONE)

Netizens rave about Minjoo‘s proportions in skinny jeans.

6. Momo (TWICE)

As a skilled dancer, Momo is super lean.

7. Jisoo (BLACKPINK)

Jisoo‘s legs are practically endless as she struts past the cameras.

8. Soojin ((G)I-DLE)

Soojin is body goals!


Rosé‘s legs also look even thinner in real life.

Even when Rosé and Lisa are together, it’s obvious they’re celebrities.

10. Taeyeon

Taeyeon looks like a fairy at the airport.

11. Solar (MAMAMOO)

Solar will inspire you to get abs.

12. Eunha (GFRIEND)

Eunha‘s gorgeous figure is emphasized by her little waist.