10+ Tweets Of Fans Going Crazy Over SM’s Mega-Project With NCT 2020

Who’s excited!

SM Entertainment has NCT fans shook with the new details regarding their mega-project NCT 2020.

| SM Entertainment

With the group’s first full album NCT 2020 : RESONANCE Pt. 1 releasing on October 12, they have also revealed that two new members, Shotaro and Sungchan, will be joining NCT 2020.

On top of all these news, SM dropped a new video through their YouTube channel titled INTERLUDE : RESONANCE and fans are going crazy for this comeback. Let’s take a look at the responses from fans!

1. Gearing up for theories

2. NCT world domination

3. OT23 is real

4. Fans have been ready for this

5. Dreams do come true

6. But honestly, are we ever ready

7. NCT choreographer’s job just got more difficult

8. We are loving the unity

9. Bias-wreckage percentage

10. Who’s ready for NCT 2020 chaos

11. Straight up facts

12. NCT has come to save 2020

Stay tuned for more updates on NCT 2020! Watch the video trailer below!