Here’s The Ranking For All SM Entertainment Artists’ Broadcast Points On “Music Bank” For The Entire Year

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What are “broadcast points”? The “broadcast points” component of music shows are always a mystery for fans. Although different shows may have different standards, for Music Bank, singers can stack up broadcast points in different ways. Singers get more points if they promote their songs on shows, or appear in various broadcasts. Radio show song requests may also add points to this component, explaining why Korean fans always try to send in radio song dedications using their group’s title song.

Netizens have compiled a ranking for all SM Entertainment artists’ broadcast points on Music Bank for the year. Take a look!

16. “B.A.D” (Super Junior D&E)

They came in with 9 points – but mostly as they did not promote on music shows.

15. “What Do I Call You” (Taeyeon)

She did not perform either, but came in at 44 points.

| SM Entertainment

14. “Punch” (NCT 127)

They came in at 118 points.

13. “Chocolate” (Changmin)

He came in with 174 points.

12. “Psycho” (Red Velvet)

They were unable to perform due to Wendy’s injury but scored 263 points.

| SM Entertainment

11. “Kick It” (NCT 127)

They scored 294 points.

10. “Ridin'” (NCT Dream)

They scored 323 points.

| SM Entertainment

9. “Candy” (Baekhyun)

He scored 536 points with no promotions.

8. “Let’s Love” (Suho)

He scored 588 points with only 1 round of promotions.

7. “90’s Love” (NCT U)

NCT is on the rise, with 850 points for their latest comeback.

| SM Entertainment

6. “Monster” (I&S)

They scored 948 points.

5. “Mmmh” (Kai)

He stunned with 1060 points.

4. “1 Billion Views” (EXO-SC)

They hit it home with 1031 points.

| SM Entertainment

3. “Make A Wish” (NCT U)

They scored 1318 points.

2. “IDEA” (Taemin)

The singer scored 1323 points.

1. “Thank U” (U-KNOW)

Also known as Yunho, he scored 2375 points.

| SM Entertainment

There we have it!  However, broadcast points cannot be seen as the only indicator of popularity. There are many components to make up a music show win!

Source: theqoo