3 SM Entertainment Trainee Rules That Were Created Because Of Super Junior

“You contributed quite a lot to the history of SM!”

This week, Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk and Ryeowook joined Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny for the first episode of Legendary Trainee. As the three talked about their time training under SM Entertainment, Eunhyuk revealed that these three major trainee rules were actually created because of the Super Junior members’ antics at the time.

1. Trainees can’t date

As with most K-Pop companies, trainees under SM Entertainment aren’t supposed to date each other. However, that wasn’t always the case.

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk | ALL THE K-POP/YouTube

On Legendary Trainee, Eunhyuk revealed that when he was training at the company, “so many trainees dated each other at that time.” Eventually, he says, male and female trainees were split into separate lessons because of it.


Eunhyuk insisted that he wasn’t one of the trainees whose dating escapades forced the company to make a new rule, but those around him were in relationships before that.

2. Trainees can’t eat expensive meals

According to Sunny, there’s a price limit on the meals trainees under SM Entertainment can request to eat, and it seems like Super Junior is the reason behind that.

Girls’ Generation’s Sunny and Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Ryeowook | ALL THE K-POP/YouTube

When Sunny surprised Eunhyuk with a special meal, he was instantly reminded of his trainee days. He explained that the dish in question is known as the “L.A. Meal”—a combination of Japanese fried pork cutlets, fried fish cutlets, and hamburger steak.

<L.A. Meal> (feat fried pork cutlets + fried fish cutlets + hamburger steak) | ALL THE K-POP/YouTube

Eunhyuk went on to reveal that back when they were trainees, SM Entertainment provided them with meals—and the members liked to eat “delicious and expensive” food. Since the “L.A. Meal” was the most expensive item on the menu, they chose to eat it not once but twice every day.

That’s when Sunny realized, “I guess it’s true that they set the price limit because of you guys!”

3. Trainees must eat at set times

Sunny also revealed that SM Entertainment trainees are only allowed to eat meals at set times, but Eunhyuk confessed that the rule was only instated after Super Junior became trainees.


When you’re a trainee, you feel hungry no matter how much you eat,” Sunny confessed, adding, “After about an hour, you become hungry again.”


But Eunhyuk revealed that the rule that trainees can only eat at a certain time was created because the Super Junior trainees ate “all the time.” In Eunhyuk’s case, he ate two to three meals a day at the company.


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