3 Small Agency Girl Groups Who Are Blowing Up Right Now

One of them saw a 307% increase in sales.

Seeing groups from smaller K-Pop agencies become famous is always refreshing to see. Not only does it delight fans who would have never expected such success, but it also changes the dynamics of the industry for the better.

Take BTS, for example, they became the biggest boyband in the world without necessarily being backed by a huge company. BIGHIT MUSIC (then known as BigHit Entertainment) was only small back when BTS debuted, and we all know the rest of the story.

Old picture of BTS in their previous dance practice room.

Girl groups have also had similar success stories, for instance, STAYC, and it’s amazing to see this trend continue to grow with these three small agency girl groups gaining a lot of attention right now.

STAYC | @singlesmania/Twitter

1. TripleS

The 24-member girl group brought a unique spin to K-Pop by claiming they aim to be the world’s first decentralized K-Pop idol group. They were formed by MODHAUS, a new South Korean record label founded by Jaden Jeong. TripleS is their only group, and the project is extremely ambitious.


TripleS introduced a new system where fans are responsible for the group and its activities. The members will rotate between group, unit, and solo promotions as chosen by fans through NFT photo cards.

TripleS’s subunit AAA (Acid Angels from Asia) | MODHAUS

Thankfully, the uniqueness of their concept seems to have worked as TripleS have received a lot of attention from fans, tripling their first-week sales. The group also received a lot of praise on social media for its concept, music, and content.


143 Entertainment girl group LIMELIGHT shocked everyone when they became the 6th girl group with the highest debut sales.

| 143 Entertainment

The group is made up of 3 members, MiU, Suhye, and Gaeun. They have released two mini-albums, their pre-debut release LIMELIGHT, and their official debut mini-album Love & Happiness.

Love & Happiness sold 35,961 units within 24 hours, meaning LIMELIGHT saw a 307% increase from their pre-debut sales. This success proves that in today’s K-Pop scene, every group has a chance to succeed.


The newly debuted girl group was part of the GRAMMYs list of 10 K-Pop Rookie Girl Groups To Watch In 2023. They come from a label just as new as the group, ATTRAKT, and are made up of four members, AranKeenaSaena, and Sio. 


FIFTY FIFTY debuted on the 18th of November last year, with their mini-album The Fifty. Despite being fairly new to the scene, the GRAMMYs had plenty of praise for the quartet’s sound.

They called the four tracks that make up the album “dazzling” and were not shy of complimenting each of them.

‘Tell Me’ starts the journey in what could be the perfect indie movie soundtrack, moving swiftly to the synthpop of pre-release ‘Lovin’ Me’ and title track ‘Higher.’ By the time that edgy closer ‘Log In’ arrives, you are already sold on Fifty Fifty’s magical appeal.


The group has also received a lot of love from fans on online platforms.

The success of these newly debuted girl groups from smaller record labels is likely to inspire more trainees and staff to keep fighting toward success, no matter the size of the agency, and we’re all here for it.