How Debut Girl Group LIMELIGHT Just Sold So Many Albums

Their sales increased by 307%.

The newest girl group to grace the K-Pop scene just sold 35,961 units within 24 hours of releasing their debut mini album earlier this week — and they’re called LIMELIGHT. The group is made up of three members: MiU, Suhye, and Gaeun.

Given that LIMELIGHT’s debut hasn’t been one of the most discussed of the year, their high sales came as a surprise to many. However, fans have come up with several theories as to why the girl group managed to garner such success.

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1. Their pre-debut release

Although LIMELIGHT’s Love & Happiness mini album is considered their official debut, they previously released a pre-debut mini album titled LIMELIGHT, with their song “STARLIGHT” serving as the title track. Unexpected to many, since its release, the music video has gained 1.2 million views. Seemingly, this paved the girls’ way toward future success.

2. Their newest labelmates

Another fan-favorite theory is related to their agency’s newest signing — the well-known former YG Entertainment group iKON.

The boy group parted ways with YG Entertainment back in December and announced on the first day of the new year that they would be signing with LIMELIGHT’s label: 143 Entertainment. Since iKON fans were excited to see the group under a new company, it’s understandable that many wanted to look into their new labelmates.

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3. Their survival show appearances

One big factor that likely contributed to LIMELIGHT’s newfound success is their time on recent survival shows. The group’s vocalist, Suhye, took part in MBC‘s My Teenage Girl, the show that produced CLASS:y. She made it through eight episodes, after which she was sadly eliminated.

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Likewise, the group’s visual MiU participated in Girls’ Planet 999 as an individual trainee. Eliminated in the first round during episode five, MiU (then known by her full name, Ito Miyu) didn’t make it into the debut group, Kep1er. She did, however, gain sympathy from viewers when she volunteered to be her team’s main vocal after nobody else wanted to step forward.

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4. MiU’s existing fanbase

Girls’ Planet 999 wasn’t MiU’s first foray into the entertainment industry. Before becoming an idol, LIMELIGHT’s Japanese member used to model for the popular Japan magazine PopTeen. At the 2018 Tokyo Girls Audition, one of the largest modeling audition projects in the country, MiU received three separate awards for her prowess.

She was also in two music videos by popular Japanese musicians lol‘s “BOYFRIEND” and GENERATIONS‘ “BIG CITY RADIO”. Impressively, MiU even had her own mini clothing line with EastWoods last year. With so many activities under her belt, MiU has likely built a dedicated following who were eager to check out her K-Pop debut.

5. Their seniors’ rising popularity

Other than iKON, LIMELIGHT has two other widely known labelmates. Kep1er‘s Mashiro and Yeseo were two of MiU’s fellow contestants on Girls’ Planet 999, and they are also signed under 143 Entertainment.

With Kep1er’s popularity going through the roof these days, it’s likely that fans of Mashiro and Yeseo wanted to check LIMELIGHT out. In fact, 143 Entertainment shared that LIMELIGHT aims to be a group that will continuously introduce new members in the future, which means the two may join the group after Kep1er’s promotion period ends.

Mashiro and Yeseo | @official_kep1er/Twitter

Aside from these five theories, there’s no doubt that the girls’ talent, concept, and music have contributed to their massive success. Check the debut single, “HONESTLY”, out for yourself!