iKON Will Stick Together And All Sign With The Same Agency After Leaving YG Entertainment

They will all stick together.

After leaving YG Entertainment, all six members of iKON will reportedly stick together to continue their activities as a group with a new agency.

According to an exclusive report from Edaily, all six iKON members have agreed to continue their group activities as a full group after their departure from YG Entertainment. It has also been reported that they have already found their new agency, which is a Korean company. Newsen is reporting that they may be signing with 143 Entertainment, as they are in discussions with the company. While the members will switch agencies, they will be able to continue their promotions under the name iKON.

Earlier in the day, it was announced that all six members of iKON would leave YG Entertainment after the expiration of their contracts. Fans and netizens were concerned about what this would mean for the future of iKON, but they can be rest assured that iKON will continue to promote together.

All 6 iKON Members Leave YG Entertainment



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