5 Soft IZ*ONE Moments That Show Just How Far They’ve Come (Warning: You’ll Need A Tissue)

They’ll always be together in WIZ*ONEs’ hearts.

In their time as a group, there’s no doubt that IZ*ONE have achieved some incredible feats together. These five soft moments from the group’s past highlight just how much they’ve grown, changed, and succeeded.

1. When IZ*ONE’s lineup was decided

Everything started on August 31, 2018, when the final lineup for IZ*ONE was announced. While that night was an incredibly happy time for the members and future WIZ*ONEs alike, it was undeniably heart-wrenching to watch their nerves become tears when they found out their dreams were coming true.

One of the most tear-worthy moments was when Chaeyeon went head-to-head with Cube Entertainment trainee Han Chowon for the final place in the group.

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After finding out she made it, Chaeyeon could barely speak through her tears. These days, she’s so confident on stage, it’s hard to remember she ever doubted her position in IZ*ONE.

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2. When Eunbi became the leader

As a former idol before joining IZ*ONE and the eldest member of the group, Eunbi was always a natural choice for the group’s leaders. Of course, they still had to put the choice to the vote—and the members decided to have a little fun with things. Before casting their votes, the 11 remaining members pretended they thought Chaeyeon would be the best leader for the group.

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While Eunbi looked defeated while the votes were being counted and even ended up voting for Chaeyeon herself, the prank just made it all the more heartwarming when Eunbi finally found out she won the role of leader and read the sweet letter they wrote for her. Over the past few years, it’s become clear that IZ*ONE couldn’t have asked for a better team captain.

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3. When they won a rookie award

After IZ*ONE’s debut song “La Vie En Rose” peaked at no.1 on several Korean charts and debuted at no.6 on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart, it should come as little surprise that the group won numerous new artist and rookie awards in 2018. For fans, one award in particular stands out: their Mnet Asian Music Awards “Best New Female Artist” trophy.

| @M2MPD/Twitter

After thanking WIZ*ONE and the staff that supported them through their debut, several of the IZ*ONE members found themselves in floods of tears at their incredible achievement. Since then, they’ve gone on to win over 20 more awards at major Korean ceremonies.

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4. When fans sang to them

As a multinational girl group, IZ*ONE has enjoyed immense success in Japan as well as Korea. But to many, it seems like only yesterday that the group was hosting their first-ever fan meeting in the country.

| @izone_japan/Twitter

To make the experience all the more special, Japanese WIZ*ONEs planned a special event where they sang IZ*ONE’s song “Memory” to the group. Upon hearing so many fans cheering them on, the members were moved to tears.

5. When “Fiesta” got its first win

IZ*ONE got their first-ever music show win just 10 days after debuting, but in many ways, “Fiesta”‘s first win was even more special. “Fiesta” was originally supposed to be released in November 2019, but when Mnet became embroiled in a vote manipulation scandal, IZ*ONE was forced onto hiatus.

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For several months, the fate of the group hung in the balance. Finally, in February, they were able to resume their activities with “Fiesta”, breaking the then-record for first-week girl group sales. When “Fiesta” finally got its first win, it seemed like many of the members couldn’t believe it. As they hugged each other through tears, fans could tell just how much the group meant to them.

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IZ*ONE will officially be disbanding as scheduled in April, Mnet announced today.