Netizens Rank The Top 5 Most Legendary Solo Stages

#1 is truly iconic.

Chinese netizens recently voted for the most legendary solo stage from a K-Pop artist. Here are the top 5 stages that absolutely wowed fans.

5. Jungkook (BTS) — “Euphoria”


Jungkook‘s solo stage was full of theatrics and would even send him soaring over the crowd while clipped to a harness.

Fans could expect to see some incredible choreography and feel as if they’ve entered heaven.

4. Jimin (BTS) — “Serendipity”


Jimin‘s modern dance number was both gentle and powerful.

From Jimin entering the stage in a bubble to bubbles filling the stadium, he provided a magical experience.

3. Baekhyun (EXO) — “UN Village”


Baekhyun‘s laidback performance was both sensual and enticing for fans.

His charismatic expressions alone filled the stage.

2. Chanyeol (EXO) — “Wind of Change”


Chanyeol showed fans his neverending talents, including his angelic voice and guitar skills.

His performance nearly brings fans to tears.

1. V (BTS) — “Singularity”


V‘s performance of “Singularity” stole fans’ hearts. From the “coat-rack dance” to the use of masks, it has many mysterious meanings.

V proved his potential as both a charismatic soloist and a talented dancer.


Source: Naver