From Venus Williams To Donovan Mitchell: Somi’s 7 Most Unexpected Celebrity Hangouts

Is there anyone she hasn’t met?

In a series of unexpected celebrity hangouts, K-Pop star Somi has been making waves in both the music and fashion scenes. Her eclectic interactions with renowned personalities across different fields have caught the eye of fans and the media alike. Here’s a glimpse into seven of her recent notable encounters.

1. Venus Williams

At a Lacoste event, Somi had the chance to share the court with tennis legend Venus Williams. The event, which was held to unveil two renovated tennis courts in New York, saw Venus giving tennis lessons to Somi. This exchange wasn’t just about tennis — Somi also gifted her album, Game Plan, to Venus, marking a delightful cross-over between music and sports.​


2. Lil Uzi Vert

Somi’s energetic charisma found a match in American rapper Lil Uzi Vert as they collaborated on a TikTok video for her latest single, “Fast Forward.” Their dance routine, which was shared on October 8, garnered much attention online and showcased a delightful blend of music cultures.

3. General Ock

Another TikTok collaboration saw Somi with General Ock at his restaurant, where they created a fun video featuring Kimchi, Maple Syrup, and Chopped Cheese, amusingly tagged as the “OCKY WAY.” This quirky content surely delighted the fans of both Somi and the General’s cuisine​.

4. Letitia Wright

Somi’s presence at the Prada Fashion Show in Milan earlier this year wasn’t just about high fashion. She was seated next to actress Letitia Wright, and they snapped a picture together, giving fans a glimpse of their stylish rendezvous.

5. Donovan Mitchell

The excitement continued as Somi attended a Mets baseball game and managed to snap a selfie with NBA star Donovan Mitchell. The encounter at the sports event was casual yet thrilling for the fans who adore both celebrities.

6. Win Metawin

At another Prada event — this time in Seoul — Somi was spotted engrossed in a conversation with actor Win Metawin. Their interaction amidst a high-profile fashion event was a delightful sight for fans who appreciate the blending of entertainment circles.

7. Zach King

In a whimsical encounter, Somi collaborated with internet magician Zach King for a TikTok video. Their collaborative effort brought a touch of magic to the digital platform, enchanting fans with visual tricks and playful content.


Sorry about that @JEON SOMI 😬

♬ Fast Forward – 전소미

These encounters demonstrate Somi’s diverse connections in the entertainment world, reflecting a blend of music, sports, fashion, and digital creativity. Each hangout not only brought joy to the fans but also showcased her playful nature through the different interactions between stars from different realms.