10+ Times Song Hye Kyo Proved She Can Own The Airport Runway Just By Wearing Casual Outfits

Her effortless style just proved why she’s such a Queen in the K-Drama world.

There is a reason why Song Hye Kyo remains a popular celebrity in the Korean entertainment scene, even if she’s been active for more than two decades now.


Along with her talent and multiple acting awards…



…and several endorsements and brand partnerships under her belt…

…Song Hye Kyo proves that her name deserves to be in the top rank for famous Korean actors because of her outstanding visuals and gorgeous looks.

Perhaps this is why whenever Hye Kyo is pictured for her airport fashion, she always chose to wear a casual outfit. After all, she’s already in the top spot, and her effortless but still fantastic airport outfit choices are evidences of this fact.

Here are 10+ pictures of her cutest casual airport fashion — which one did you like the best?

Flowy top with a pair of practical shorts and no-nonsense sandals


This look really accentuated Song Hye Kyo’s legs — and with legs like hers, who wouldn’t want to flaunt it when she’s got it, right?

Her maxi-dress is gorgeous since it’s the perfect length for her

Plus, she even brought in a trusty trench-coat just in case the temperature drops and makes her feel cold.

Black top with black baseball hat and denim shorts

If you didn’t know any better, you would just think that this is a picture of a model who’s on her way to her vacation. Also, that “Kyo” pin on her bag completed this look.

Beige trench-coat that she can personalize depending on her destination

You can see her wear her trench-coat over a top and a pair of tights since the temperature was cooler here…

…while she chose to wear the trench-coat over her bare legs in the airport.


You know she’s been a long-time celebrity for a while now…

…because the way she styled her outfit is immaculate, and the way she adjusted her scarf to cover half her face is already a technique she perfected.

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