Here’s Why Fans Are Claiming That Song Hye Kyo And Hyun Bin Are Dating

Fans are claiming that these “evidences” prove the two are dating.

Multiple online communities run by fans of both Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin are claiming that the two Korean celebrities are dating.

The alleged couple has a romantic history: the two were rumored to be a couple after starring together in 2008 drama The World They Live In

…but it wasn’t until the year 2009 when they officially acknowledged their relationship.

Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin announced their separation in 2011 just before Hyun Bin enlisted for military service.

During this time, both of their agencies announced that the reason for their separation is due to their “busy schedules” and “overwhelming stress caused by public attention”.

Now, though, fans are claiming in several online communities that the two are back together. According to the fans, there are three “pieces of evidence” that Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin rekindled their romance.

1. Is the landscape just similar, or were they in the same place together?

Earlier this year, Song Hye Kyo uploaded this picture on her official Instagram account.

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Last summer

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Many fans believe that the picture of the scenery she uploaded is similar to the location where  Hyun Bin was at for a commercial shoot.

2. Screenshot of The World They Live In‘s soundtrack

Hye Kyo’s friend, actress Park Sol Mi, recently caught the attention of netizens when she uploaded a screenshot of The World They Live In‘s soundtrack with the caption, “This difficult and tiring love” on her social network account.

If you can remember, The World They Live In is the drama where Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin starred together in. Fans found it suspicious because Hye Kyo was reported to have commented on Sol Mi’s post saying “Sister…Hahaha”.

When netizens asked Sol Mi if Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin are back together, she closed the comments section — making the fans more suspicious about what the real deal is between the two. As of this writing, the post cannot be located in Park Sol Mi’s official Instagram account anymore.

3. “S” and “H” initials

As the last piece of “evidence”, fans believe that when Hye Kyo posted a recent photo with a friend, her necklace with the letters “S” and “H” represented Hye Kyo’s surname and Hyun Bin, respectively.

Looking at it in a different manner, it’s also possible that “SH” actually stands for Song Hye Kyo’s full name and all of these “evidences” are simply coincidences.

After all, we may never know for sure until both actors decide to announce it to the public, right?