6 Awesome Songs You Probably Didn’t Know Big Hit’s Bang Si Hyuk Wrote

He might have written some of your favorite K-Drama songs.

Most K-Pop fans know Bang Si Hyuk as the founder of Big Hit Entertainment, the company that formed BTS, but he is also a composer with a music industry career that spans two decades. Here are 6 songs that fans might not know Bang Si Hyuk wrote the lyrics and/or music for.


1.  2AM’s “L.O.V.E.” –  Lyrics

This song was performed by 2AM for the 2010 romance film Acoustic. 


2. Soyeon’s “What Should We Finish?” – Lyrics and Music

This song, performed by former T-ara member Soyeon, was composed for the 2010 slasher film Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp.


3.  Jo Sung-mo’s  “I Will Smile” – Lyrics and Music

Bang Si Hyuk co-wrote the music for this song with Kwon Tae-eun for the 2010 K-Drama, Coffee House. 


4. 2AM’s “Like a Fool” – Lyrics and Music

In 2010, Bang Si Hyuk composed the lyrics and music for “Like a Fool” for the popular romantic-comedy K-Drama Personal Taste.


5. Yangpa’s “Ghost” Lyrics and Music

This beautiful track was written as part of the soundtrack for the 2009 horror/crime show, Soul.


6. K.Will’s “Dream” – Music

This song is a little-known collaboration between two famous K-Pop company founders:  Bang Si Hyuk and JYP Entertainment‘s J. Y. Park. It was written for the 2005 K-Drama, A Love to Kill. 


7. BONUS: Production credits

In addition to writing lyrics and music, Bang Si Hyuk is also credited with producing tracks for Wonder Girls‘ The Wonder Years…

… TEEN TOP‘s Roman…

Taegoon‘s 1st Mini Album…

…2AM’s Saint o’Clock…

Homme‘s Homme by Hitman Bang…

…and Lee Seung Gi‘s Tonight.

More recently, Bang Si Hyuk produced the “Granulate” music video for rookie boy group IZ

…and the title track for their mini-album Angel.