4 Songs That You’ll 100% Find Playing In YG Entertainment’s Exclusive Gym

BLACKPINK is definitely part of the list!

In case you didn’t know, YG Entertainment has a luxurious gym inside their new building. TREASURE‘s Jihoon recently gave fans a sneak peek at the place during his solo TMI_LOG.

Besides the fact that the gym was filled with high quality equipment, it also stood out for having many YG Entertainment references. The  songs, for instance, were all from the artists of the company

Check out some tracks that played in the vlog below!

1. G-Dragon (feat. Jennie) – “BLACK”

First up, G-Dragon and Jennie collaborated on “BLACK” in 2013, three years before the latter made her debut in BLACKPINK. It was a popular song that solidified Jennie’s status as YG Entertainment’s “secret weapon.”

Even if it were a melancholic song, it was still heard in the gym. It’s that iconic!

2. Park Bom -“You And I”

Park Bom‘s “You And I” was playing in the background while Jihoon took a jog on the treadmill.

Released in 2009, it showed off her powerful vocals as a soloist. It’s no wonder she was the main vocalist of 2NE1!

3. WINNER – “Island”

WINNER‘s “Island” is one of their quintessential summer bops. It was part of their 2017 album Our Twenty Four, and it was written by Future Bounce alongside members YOON and MINO.

4. BLACKPINK – “Don’t Know What To Do”

Finally, BLACKPINK’s “Don’t Know What To Do” was also heard while Jihoon filmed himself in front of the mirror.

This bright song was part of their 2019 album Kill This Love, and it was composed by Teddy, Bekuh Boom, 24, and Brian Lee.

It was the main B-Side track that they promoted at the time.

Check out Jihoon’s full vlog below for an inside look into YG Entertainment’s building and his life as an artist.

Source: YouTube