5 Most Sought-After Plastic Surgery Procedures In Gangnam, According To Korea’s Top Surgeon

#3 is an instant change.

YouTube channel Asian Boss interviewed one of the most famous plastic surgeons in Gangnam, South Korea, Dr. Hyun Wook Jung. They followed a day in his life as he performed surgeries and held consultations with clients who all had different concerns.

Dr. Hyun Wook Jung | @dr_hyunwook_jung/Instagram

He was asked to name the most popular surgeries these days, and he knew right off the bat what to say. Check out his answers below.

1. Eye Surgeries

The first most commonly performed surgery may not come as a surprise to many. In addition to double eyelid surgeries, which is particularly famous in East Asian countries…

…he is also able to enhance the look of the eyelids through procedures such as incision, upper canthoplasty, and ptosis correction.

2. Nose Surgeries

Next, he is an expert at performing nose surgeries, adding height to the bridge of the nose or removing the hump.

3. Fat Relocation Surgeries

When a patient is concerned with the placement of the fat in their face or body, they choose fat relocation surgery. It gets rid of excess fat from one area and enhances another part using the patient’s own curves.

4. Liposuction

Similarly, he recommends liposuction for shedding excess fat and sculpting various parts of the body, especially the face and stomach.

5. Breast Augmentation

Last but not the least, he recommends breast augmentation to women who want to add volume to their breasts by inserting an implant inside.

Learn more about Dr. Jung’s work in the video below.

Source: YouTube