20 Funny “Squid Game” Memes That Deserve To Win That 45.6 Billion Won

You laugh, you lose!

Squid Game has taken over Netflix and the internet! Here are 20 funny memes from the show that deserve to win the grand prize!

1. Tell us your secret!

2. Send help, please…

3. This might not be such a bad idea.

4. Never mess with mom

5. This just shouldn’t be allowed

6. This takeaway

7. Okay, ouch…

8. Spoiler alert

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9.  Why is he like this!

| @squidgame_memes/Twitter

10. This show could have been much shorter.

| @squidgame_memes/Twitter

11. At least it’s not in person

12. Teachers be like:

13. Whatever gets me the job

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14. Everyone, take a break!

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15. Is this a Halloween party or a geometry lesson?

16. Everyone needs an Ali in their lives

17. He deserved better, and so do you!

18. *Cries*

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19. This brutal honesty

20. When Facebook is down:

Squid Game