“Squid Game” Overthrows “Bridgerton” To Become Netflix’s Biggest Show Ever

They beat “Bridgerton” by how much?!

After all of the ongoing speculations, it has officially been confirmed by Netflix themselves that Squid Game is the streaming platform’s biggest series yet.

Poster for “Squid Game.”

Netflix recently announced the big news on their official Twitter account along with the series’ trailer. The streaming platform captioned it by saying, “Squid Game has officially reached 111 million fans — making it our biggest series launch ever!”

This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise due to the series receiving an overwhelming amount of love worldwide following its premiere just a few weeks ago. Not only did Squid Game gain a massive cult following in South Korea, but it didn’t take long for it to take over the “Top 10” charts on Netflix in over 90 countries.

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In addition to that, it has been further reported that the previous reigning champ, Bridgerton was overthrown by the Korean survival series by a landslide. With its premiere, Bridgerton reached 82 million households, which is impressive on its own. However, Squid Game‘s 111 million households is 29 million more, further cementing the iconic legacy of the dystopian series.

Poster for “Bridgerton.”

Following Netflix’s announcement, Squid Game fans began to pour out their congratulations to the series, Netflix, and all of the actors that were featured in it.

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After weeks of record breaking viewership counts, ratings, and endless speculations — Squid Game has officially come out on top. Congratulations to Netflix, the cast, and the production team of Squid Game!

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