Here Are 7 Stars Who Have The Most Specific And Potentially “Odd” Ideal Types Within The Industry

#1 doesn’t want their ideal partner to have their own car or home!

Talking about ideal types is a frequent topic discussed within the Korean entertainment industry, as numerous stars talk about what they look for in their significant other. While most people generally look for similar qualities in their partners, there are a few stars who look for very specific and potentially “odd” traits—so let’s dive in to the 7 stars who have some very unique ideal types!

1. Street Woman Fighter dancer Monika

PROWDMON’s Monikia | Star News

Kickstarting our list is the charismatic dancer, Monika. The dancer recently skyrocketed into popularity following her appearance on Street Woman Fighter and what better way to test one’s success than the age old question of, “what’s your ideal type?”

Monika answered this on MBC‘s Point of Omniscient Interfere and her response made headlines. The talented dancer revealed that her ideal man is someone who “doesn’t have his own car or home.” During her time on the MBC variety program, she further revealed it was because of her past dating history, which included “men who previously had everything set for them. It didn’t work out with them.”

2. Singer and Songwriter, Jang Ki Ha

Singer and songwriting, Jang Ki Ha.

Next up, we have talented songwriter Jang Ki Ha. Back on SBS‘s Healing Camp, the songwriter revealed that his ideal woman is someone who “has a strong charisma and their own unique color.” While this may have been shared before by others, it was his following statement that made headlines.

Jang Ki Ha further shared that he likes his women so strong, that he wants “a woman who seems like she could knock him over” with her strong energy. This became a hot topic back in the day due to his former relationship with the nation’s sweetheart, IU, whom he dated from 2013-2017.

3. Broadcasting host, Seo Yu Ri

Broadcasting Seo Yu Ri.

Seo Yu Ri, who is best known for her voice acting and broadcasting, is coming in hot at number 3 on this list. The broadcasting host shared her unique ideal type on a 2019 variety talk show, where she revealed her heavy emphasis on—a man’s gaming abilities. Yup, you read that correctly.

Seo Yu Ri shared that she doesn’t mind if a man has a lower salary than she does, but she draws the line when “he has a lower game level” than her. She revealed even further that once she finds out that a man has a lower game level than herself, she won’t even give him a chance.

4. Lee Joon

Actor Lee Joon.

Idol-turned-actor Lee Joon makes it onto this list of unique ideal types at number 4. The talented actor, who recently showed his dynamic acting abilities on The Silent Sea and Bulgasal previously shared his very specific requirements with his ideal woman.

While the former MBLAQ member revealed his general ideal type is “a Kindergarten teacher,” it was what he followed up with that puts him on this list. He dove deeper by sharing that he likes “women who like children, but change by night.” He further shared that he likes “Kindergarten teachers who are able to ride motorcycles at night.” What a specific ideal type indeed!

5. Actor Kim Rae Won

Actor Kim Rae Won.

Veteran actor Kim Rae Won has also made it onto this list with his unique ideal type—and the actor’s involves a test. He previously shared on Healing Camp that he will only date a woman who passes his “quince test.”

Kim Rae Won provided details on the talk show, sharing that he will “give a woman a nicely packaged quince (fruit) instead of a handbag as a gift.” The actor revealed that when she opens her gift, her honest reaction, as well as her facial expressions will reveal what kind of person she is deep down. He further shared that he has only “dated [women] who seem like they would treasure the quince” thus far.

6. Shinhwa’s Jun Jin

Shinhwa’s Jun Jin.

While Shinhwa member Jun Jin may now be married, his past ideal type reveal has also made it onto this list. The veteran idol group member previously revealed his ideal woman, which was met with some strong responses at the time.

Jun Jin shared on a JTBC talk show that his ideal type is a woman who is “bright and enthusiastic in front of others,” but someone who is the complete opposite when alone with the Shinhwa member. Specifically, Jun Jin shared that he likes it when a woman is “quiet and has depression” when she’s alone with him.

7. Actor Joo Won

Actor Joo Won | Seensee Company

Last, but most certainly not least is actor Joo Won. The handsome actor shared his specific ideal woman an old episode of KBS‘s Happy Together. During his time on the show, he revealed that he is attracted to “women who have belly fat.” The reason? The actor revealed that he likes “touching the belly” and he looks forward to grabbing it when he can. He further reminisced about a time when he was in a happy relationship and his girlfriend at the time “gained 8 kg (18~ lbs)” while they dated.

While this is not completely odd, it was met with some shocked reactions within the nation, where thinness is heavily equated to beauty.

Source: Insight