The ONCE Starter Pack: The Five Things You Need To Start Your TWICELAND Journey Off Right

Welcome to TWICELAND, new ONCEs!

Hello new ONCEs! Welcome to the TWICE fandom!

While we know that TWICE has usually stuck around Asia when it comes to touring, a Western tour in 2019 is rumored to be upon us.

So we thought it’d be nice for new ONCEs to adequately prepared for when TWICE comes to their area.

This is our small guide on the TWICE essentials when starting out as a new ONCE.

Hope you enjoy your stay in TWICELAND!

1) TWICE’s Official Lightstick: the Candy Bong

TWICE’s official lightstick, the Candy Bong is a concert essential when seeing TWICE! Even cooler is that the Candy Bong has bluetooth support, which means that the lights from the Bong sync with the stage lights during the show!

2) TWICE’s first album: The Story Begins

The album that started it all, while TWICE did not start hitting their stride until their next album (Page Two), The Story Begins is an amazing debut album and gives fans a taste of what’s to come.


TWICE TV is the best way to learn more about each member of TWICE, as each episode shows behind the scenes footage of the group – doing press, shooting MVs, at the dorms, etc.

TWICE TV gives fans a window into the lives of TWICE, and allows them to feel more connected to the group as we see the group much more relaxed than when they are in 100% “idol mode”.

The videos are on YouTube…and officially subtitled in English by the JYP Team!

4) TWICE’s official Instagram: TWICEtagram

Since none of the members have individual Instragrams, the members share the official group one – punnily named TWICEtagram.

The group posts exclusive content on the account, so ONCEs who can’t get enough TWICE content show definitely give them a follow!

5) TWICE’s first Japanese album: BDZ

BDZ is TWICE’s first Japanese album with all original songs, as their previous album (#TWICE) was a compilation album of Japanese versions of their Korean songs.

This album gives ONCEs the opportunity to check out all their Japanese exclusive songs all in one collection – and get them pumped for the next release!