Stories About The Old BigHit Entertainment Building That Sound Fake But Are Absolutely True

Being a BigHit trainee must have been…interesting.

BigHit Entertainment, now rebranded as Big Hit Music, is known as the legendary label of Lee Hyun, BTS, and TXT. The company went under a major evolution with BTS’s exponential growth. Its building kept changing into bigger and better ones as the group kept doing well in their career. Soon enough, Bighit turned into HYBE, moving into a skyscraper in Yongsan, Seoul.

| Hybe Corporation

During this long journey, strange happenings at the company evolved into lore that sounds too absurd to be true.

1. The Evil Mushroom

During a live broadcast, TXT members Beomgyu and Taehyun revealed that in the old BigHit building, there was a huge mushroom growing out of the wall. The yellow color made Taehyun mistake it for a sponge. Once he realized it was a mushroom, he cleaned it up right away. However, three days later, that thing was back in its place.

2. The Flood And The Studio

During the 2022 Festa Dinner, Suga from BTS recalled their initial days of struggle. He used to work in a studio that was nearly the size of a table. While he was working on “Nevermind”, the intro track of The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Pt 2, it was raining a lot. He stepped out of the studio for a while and when he came back, his entire studio was flooded.

3. The Practice Room Ghost

When TXT appeared on Mnet’s TMI News, the group’s maknae Hueningkai shared a story from the old BigHit building. During their trainee days, practices would take place in a basement room and they usually ended really late. When Hueningkai would turn off the lights, he could see a ghost-like silhouette in the room!

4. The HYBE Cat

How many companies do you know that have their own cats? Well, HYBE does. There is a calico cat named Toro living in the HYBE headquarters who has been seen on camera with many HYBE artists, from BTS to SEVENTEEN to even Le Sserafim. It is assumed that Toro has been with the company since 2016, which means Toro moved buildings along with BigHit!

A few more of these stories and HYBE can totally sell a compilation that will sell out like hot cakes.