8 Times Stray Kids’ Bang Chan And His Favorite Bodyguard Were Friendship Goals

Everyone needs a friendship like theirs.

During Stray Kids‘ North American leg of their MANIAC world tour, Bang Chan became close with one of their bodyguards. Because everyone can’t get enough of their wholesome interactions on and off stage, here are eight times Bang Chan and their bodyguard were friendship goals.

1. There’s always time for hugs.

In the middle of one of their performances, Bang Chan couldn’t pass up the chance to interact with their bodyguard during the freestyle.

Wearing a big smile, Bang Chan stepped off stage just to give the bodyguard a handshake and a hug.

2. They took photos to remember the memories.

During a Chan’s Room live broadcast, fans wondered if Bang Chan took any photos with his bodyguard buddy. He confirmed that he did and showed it to everyone.

3. He’s more than just a bodyguard.

The group’s bodyguard does more than protect the boys from danger. In a TikTok of behind-the-scenes moments, he was training Bang Chan in boxing.

The bodyguard’s boxing lessons became a hobby for Bang Chan throughout the tour.

4. There’s always time for a fist bump.

When Bang Chan sat on the edge of the stage, their bodyguard was right there to protect him. Naturally, Bang Chan didn’t miss the chance to be friendly.

With a smile, Bang Chan tapped his shoulder and returned his fist bump. The interaction was one of many that went viral of them.

5. Training doesn’t always have to be serious.

Although their bodyguard spent time working out with Stray Kids and training Bang Chan in boxing, they have playful moments too. Bang Chan jokingly ran away when the bodyguard pretended to box with him.

6. A happy reunion after a long time.

When Stray Kids returned to the U.S. months later for the second half of their North American tour dates, Bang Chan was super excited to see the bodyguard again.

He immediately went in for a hug and didn’t let go.

7. They can also be serious during their lessons.

Though Bang Chan and the bodyguard had sweet moments during their concerts, they could also be serious.

Bang Chan completely focused on the boxing skills their bodyguard taught him.

8. A sad but sweet goodbye for Bang Chan and the bodyguard.

After Stray Kids finished their encore MANIAC concert in LA, Bang Chan and the bodyguard parted ways with a handshake and a warm hug.

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