16 Stunning Candid Pictures From Stray Kids’ “I’ll Be Your Man” Performance On “Kingdom”

They covered BTOB’s song beautifully!

On the most recent episode of Kingdom, where each of the participating groups was given the challenge of recreating a song from one of the other artists on the show, Stray Kids ended up choosing BTOB‘s “I’ll Be Your Man”. The two artists have quite different styles of music, so it was fun to see what the younger group ended up doing with their seniors’ song!

Here are 16 beautiful behind-the-scenes pictures from Stray Kids’ epic performance.

1. Bang Chan

Bang Chan got so emotional during the performance that he teared up, and if that isn’t the sign of an incredible performer that really gets into his work, then what is?

2. Lee Know

Lee Know once again proved his voice is as beautiful as his visuals with his clear, smooth lines in the showcase!

3. Changbin

Changbin’s rough and powerful rapping was a nice contrast between the clean vocals of the song!

4. Han

Han, with his multi-talented ways, really stole the show between his beautiful vocals and intense rapping, not to mention his flawless dance skills!

5. Felix

Who doesn’t swoon whenever Felix appears in all his deep-voiced and charismatic glory?

6. Seungmin

Seungmin’s angelic voice was put to great use in this vocal-heavy song!

7. I.N

I.N really showed he’s a multi-talented maknae between his stunning vocals and beautifully emotional acting!

8. All

Overall, this showcase definitely did BTOB proud!

If you haven’t seen it already, or want to watch it again, check out Stray Kids’ last Kingdom performance here!

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