NewJeans’ Hyein And Stray Kids’ Felix Wore The Same Louis Vuitton Pants But Exuded Different Vibes

They BOTH looked stunning.

A handful of K-Pop idols are attending the ongoing Paris Fashion Week, such as Stray KidsFelix and NewJeansHyein.

As a house ambassador and brand ambassador of Louis Vuitton respectively, they were decked head to toe in the brand’s clothes. They even wore the same Corduroy Leather Accent Asymmetrical Pants that costs $2,390 USD.

Of course, they each put their own unique twists to them.

Stray Kids’ Felix

Felix, firstly, wore the white pair of pants with a matching open jacket. His main accessory was a Louis Vuitton cap that matched his light monochromatic aesthetic.

Though his attire was casual overall, he still looked high fashion thanks to his model-like mannerisms. His $9,250 USD Rolling Trunk and $6,750 USD green GO-14 MM bag added to this impression as well.

Overall, Felix looked cool and untouchable in this fashion style. Though fans know otherwise, it’d be easy to think he’s an ice prince in this breathtaking look.

NewJeans’ Hyein

NewJeans’ Hyein, meanwhile, was more casual in comparison, pairing her corduroy pants with just a white colored cardigan. Multicolored instruments adorned it, giving her a youthful aura.

While both she and Felix looked like rich kids in their outfits, Hyein gave off a more bubbly and refreshing vibe thanks to her top.

Of course, she also looked like a model with the confident way she carried herself.

She was fresh and classy while Felix was trendy and cool.

Either way, they both looked stunning!