The Entire Outfit Costs More Than A Porsche — Here’s The Price Breakdown Of Stray Kids Felix’s Airport Fashion

Here’s how much they love him.

Stray KidsFelix is an ambassador for luxury house Louis Vuitton. He pulled up at Incheon Airport on September 10, 2023, to attend the brand’s fashion show overseas. Although it’s only natural for ambassadors to be decked out in the brand’s clothing even at the airport, Louis Vuitton showed just how much they adored the star by going above and beyond.

For starters, even his carry-on was made by the brand. He heaved their Rolling Trunk, which costs $9250 USD, alongside him. This was in addition to his GO-14 MM bag in green, which costs a cool $6750 USD.

The all-white outfit is also from the brand. He wears the Corduroy Leather Accent Asymmetrical Blazer ($5800 USD), their Print T-Shirt ($820 USD), and their Corduroy Leather Accent Asymmetrical Pants ($2390 USD). The chunky LV Baroque Ranger Boots of his costs $1370 USD.

They sure as hell didn’t let Felix flex any AirPods. They gave the star Louis Vuitton Horizon Light Up Earphones, worth $1660 USD.

He accessorized with the Color Blossom Bracelet ($21,000 USD), adorned with gold, onyx, mother-of-pearl and diamonds. He wore the matching Medallion on his neck ($18,000 USD), as well as the Empreinte Hoop made of white gold and diamonds ($3550 USD).

The entire outfit costs $71,065 USD in total! Felix’s visuals are way more expensive than his luxury outfit, of course. If you ask us, Louis Vuitton scored themselves the best deal!

Source: Felix OOTD

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