Here Are 7 Reasons Why You Should Stan Stray Kids’ Felix, An Entire Ball Of Sunshine

He can light up any sky!

Stray KidsFelixย is known for many things – from his deep husky voice, to his trademark Australian accent and lovely smile. If you’ve yet to get to know the cheerful star, here’s 7 reasons why you should stan him!

1. His deep rap voice

One of his iconic lines include “cooking like a chef, I’m a 5 star Michelin” in “God’s Menu”. Check out a compilation of this line below.

2. The way he is always grateful to fans

According to a lucky fan that had the chance to participate in a videocall fansign with him, Felix spent a good portion of the short call thanking fans for their love.

3. TikTok king

Have you seen him do the renegade? Really, have you?

4. His smile

When we say his smile lights up the sky, puts flowers into bloom, makes us marshmellow-gooey and warm, cures depression and is a cultural reset, we do not lie.

5. His bravery

Felix originates from Australia. He left his family at a young age to come to South Korea to train under JYP Entertainment, all to chase his dreams! It may seem glamorous but life is hard away from home. Kudos to you, Felix!

| @hwangseuphoria/Twitter

6. He writes songs too

He’s been credited under a few songs for Stray Kids as a lyricist and composer, including “GLOW” and “Mixtape” 1 through 5. Take a listen to “GLOW” below.

7. Everyone loves him

When we say everyone, we mean everyone. From members to staff, to fans, Felix is deserving of much love. Changbin, Han and Hyunjin have all shared how much they baby the boy!

Still not convinced? Check out Stray Kids’ music video for “God’s Menu” below.

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