Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Loves Wearing All-White, These Are 10 Of His Best Looks

This visual prince looks good in anything, but he pulls off white so well.

Stray KidsHyunjin is known for his ability to start trends with his impeccable style. When the group was recently interviewed and asked to choose between all black or all white outfits, Hyunjin was the only one to choose the latter.

Stray Kids | Cosmopolitan/YouTube

Here are ten times he looked his best in all-white looks.

1. With a thigh cut out

Hyunjin pulls off this all-white look effortlessly with his height and incredible proportions. The peekaboo thigh adds an extra and unexpected element to the fit.

| @realstraykids/Instagram

2. In a suit

This cream-colored suit is stunning on Hyunjin. His black shirt and shoes perfectly contrast the otherwise light look.

| @realstraykids/Instagram

3. With a cape

This outfit has a lot going on, but Hyunjin wears it like the prince he is. The ruffled collar? The soft hat? It all works.

| @realstraykids/Instagram

4. With accessories

The accessories make this otherwise simple all-white look truly great. The thick hairband looks great with Hyunjin’s long dark hair, and the necklace adds class to what could be considered a sporty outfit.

| @realstraykids/Instagram

5. In a tank top

This behind-the-scenes look at Hyunjin’s astronaut wear for DAZED Korea looks great, especially with the sexy tank reveal. Hyunjin’s mirror selfies are always on point.

| @realstraykids/Instagram

6. As a sailor

Hyunjin manages to nail all sorts of looks, including this innocent sailor-inspired fit. This outfit is everything.

| @realstraykids/Instagram

7. With a crown

This intricately beaded outfit is perfect for Hyunjin’s prince-like visuals. He wears the crown of gold leaves so well.

| @realstraykids/Instagram

8. In overalls

These textured overalls paired with a white sleeveless tee showcase Hyunjin’s toned arms. His tall frame is well-suited for this look.

| @realstraykids/Instagram

9. With a cute beanie

Hyunjin goes for a softer white look by incorporating off-white elements into his fit. HIs beanie meshes the whole outfit together.

| @realstraykids/Instagram

10. In a mirror

Hyunjin’s sexy white look for “Red Lights” highlights his thin waist with the crossover detail. As mentioned before, Hyunjin is the master of mirror selfies, and this is no exception.

| @realstraykids/Instagram

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