Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Thought MBTI Was Pointless, But Now He Can’t Stop Taking The Test

He’s collecting types like Pokémon cards.

Stray KidsHyunjin used to be a firm non-believer when it came to MBTI. Now, he won’t stop taking the test until he’s gotten every result.

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Fans might know Hyunjin as an INFP. He got the type when Stray Kids took the famous personality test as part of their four-year anniversary celebrations, and he’s previously received that result.

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INFPs are known as the “Mediator.” They are seemingly quiet but are incredibly passionate, creative, and often indulge in daydreams. INFPs are known for not only being idealistic but also for being incredibly empathetic. It makes sense, considering these are all qualities that fans attribute to Hyunjin. Hyunjin is an artist who often shows off his work to STAY and has worked hard as a member of Stray Kids.

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Before that, Hyunjin tested as ENTP in the introduction episode of “One Kid’s Room.” Though he later revealed that it wasn’t an accurate result because he rushed to take the test. Fans don’t think so either because to them, Hyunjin appears as a solid introvert type and a feeling type over a thinking type.

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Even the other members noted he is on the sentimental side when it comes to emotions.

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Recently Hyunjin has retested his type, which is interesting since Hyunjin didn’t quite believe in MBTI before. Stray Kids held a VLIVE for STAY on the last day of 2020. During the show, they brought up the topic of MBTI. Hyunjin added that there was no point in taking the test while the others protested.

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Hyunjin pointed out that since his MBTI keeps changing, the test seems pointless. While Seungmin and Bang Chan revealed that their types had stayed the same, other members noted that theirs too had changed.

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Still not really getting it, I.N explained that in the past, people frequently asked for one’s blood type as an indicator of personality. These days, it’s MBTI.

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Now he seems to have taken an interest in it.

Hyunjin recently updated fans on Bubble that he had retested and this time got… INTJ. Some fans were confused by this result.

INTJs are known as the “Architect.” They are rational, quick-witted, and constantly analyze everything around them.

| 16Personalities

Though a while later, Hyunjin retook the test and informed fans that he had gotten INTP, or the “Logician.” People who have this type are known for their unique perspectives and vigorous intellect. They also enjoy puzzling over the mysteries of the universe.

| 16Personalities

After all of that, Hyunjin used a different site to take the test another time. Using that website, he once again got INFP.

Fans have even joked that he won’t stop until he’s gotten every single result at this rate.

Jokes aside, Hyunjin’s experience with MBTI seems to align with criticism against the test. While the test is fun to take, some claim it’s not always the best indicator of personality. The traits tend to put people into boxes, and there isn’t scientific evidence to back it up.

Regardless, Hyunjin seems to enjoy taking the test, even if it’s unclear if he currently believes in it. Hopefully, he’s having fun!

Source: 16Personalities

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