What BTS V’s Favorite Colors Say About His True Personality, According To Therapists

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From red to violet, every color of the rainbow has its own fan club. It’s unclear why certain people vibe (or don’t vibe) with certain colors, but some therapists have drawn connections between color preferences and personalities.


V has favored a few colors over the years, and, according to therapists, each one reveals details about his personality. During BTS‘s 2021 FESTA celebrations, V named green and brown as his favorite colors.

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Lisa Lawless–PhD, psychotherapist, and CEO of Holistic Wisdom–says that green is “associated with health and balance.” Many nature lovers like V are drawn to colors commonly found outdoors, including green, blue, and brown.

According to Lawless, people who specifically prefer earthy greens, such as olive green, value balance and stability. They are also usually great mediators.

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On the other hand, emerald green–like V’s old microphone–suggests confidence and ambition.

Michele Goldman–psychologist and Hope for Depression Research Foundation media advisor–says green, in general, is tied to productivity.

People who prefer the color green tend to be productive, driven…highly intelligent, and perfectionistic.

— Michele Goldman

In the past, V also named gray as his favorite color. Neither expert included gray in their analysis, but in color psychology, gray is said to represent neutrality and balance.

For a long time, V sang into a sparkling, green microphone on stage. He briefly switched to gray before switching to a red mic in 2022. In his solo interview for BTS’s PROOF album, V chose red as the color that represents him best.

Lawless says people who favor red are “usually a force to be reckoned with and tend to be confident and ambitious. This is especially true for those who love bright red.” That sure sounds like V!

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