What BTS Jin’s Teeth Say About His True Personality, According To A Dental Expert

Eyes aren’t the only windows to the soul.

Can a book really be judged by its cover? According to cosmetic dentist Dr. Sahil Patel, the expert and founder of Marylebone Smile Clinic in London, England, teeth can reveal details about our personalities.

BTS’s Jin

Dr. Patel’s personality analysis takes the shape of our teeth into account, along with unique features like pointy canines, white spots, uneven edges, grooves, and incisal steps. He categorizes the shape of teeth into four categories: squoval (square oval)…



…and triangular.

BTS Jin‘s teeth fall into the square category. Unlike oval teeth, which denote “youthfulness” and “feminity,” Dr. Patel says square teeth have a more mature, “masculine” quality.

Seriousness, maturity, and efficiency are all traits associated with square teeth. Although Worldwide Handsome Jin has a world-famous sense of humor, he knows when to work and when to play. As the eldest BTS member, Jin has taken on an unofficial leadership role by watching over, encouraging, and guiding his members like a true older brother.

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Source: DailyMail

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